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Top Features Of A Keurig Coffee Maker


Features to look for while buying a Keurig Coffee Maker

What else you need if every morning your partner comes with the cup of coffee just the way you like and too that on time? Well, not everyone is so lucky, but this can be you if you own the best Keurig coffee maker out there. By the way, by the partner, I meant this coffee maker only. 

Since very long they have been providing their customers with ultimate products for home and office as well. No matter you need it for yourself, or for friends’ get-together, or a big number of employees at your office, they are ready to serve with their ultimate drink at the touch of a button. 

But how would you decide whether this machine will fulfill your needs or not? Well, here come the features of a Keurig that plays an important role. Have a look at all those features so you can further decide the best fit as per your needs. 

But First, What is Keurig? 

Talk about coffee making machines and the word Keurig will appear in the list of a household name. They started with their signature styled coffee maker in the early 1990s that could be used in the offices. Ever since they have grown their business so successfully that these coffee machines are now a staple in several US kitchens. 

And there are a lot of reasons why you should prefer Keurig coffee makers over any other type. 

  • Keurig coffee makers instantly deliver you with fresh cups of coffee within no time. 
  • You can brew coffee of any cup size you want, from 4 oz. to travel mugs. 
  • The coffee makers come with a lot of settings that make it easy-to-operate for beginners as well. 
  • Along with instant brewing, you can even choose the strength of your coffee. 
  • The machine allows you to pre-program the settings so you can get your cup of coffee before you even wake up.
  • K-cups are best used with the Keurig models. They are sealed and keep your coffee fresh. 

We guess now you have an idea why Keurig models are preferred over any other coffee maker, thanks to its efficiency and simplest design. Now, let’s learn about the features you need to consider getting this amazing model. 

Features to look out for 

We all have been told a thousand numbers of times, before you buy a product, first, learn about the product, and compare the models from the particular category. So, here are a few important features you should take into consideration before you grab your favorite Keurig model. 

Why you need a Keurig Coffee Maker?

The first thing you need to note before you pick up the coffee maker, why you need it and where will you install your coffee machine. One should know that every Keurig model is designed for some unique purposes. To make it clearer: one cannot choose a machine used for the household purpose for commercial use or your office. Make sure you get the correct model according to your location. 

Compact and Portability 

Not everyone has a spacious kitchen counter, thus you should first check if this machine can fit on your counter space or cabinet. Another vital parameter you should consider is the portability of your coffee machine. Many of you out there might want something you can take while traveling, thus your coffee maker has to be portable and compact enough to carry around easily. 

Cup Size Serving

Though these coffee makers are considered best for single-serve coffee, but some models provide you with an option to select from single serves to travel mugs. Just see how many people will be using the coffee machine regularly and your need for a number of cups per head. That way you can narrow down your choices to the coffee makers which come with the option of cup sizes. 

Programmable Features

We know some of you want your cup of coffee right after you wake up or you always stay in a hurry in the morning. For such kind of coffee lovers, a Keurig model with programmable features is just the right thing that provides you with your favorite cup of coffee before you even wake up. 

Hot Water Brewing 

There are several Keurig models present out there that comes with a hot water dispenser and right away provide you with hot water within that brew your cup of coffee quick and you’re ready to have your first sip in no time. 

Strength Control

If you’re the one who doesn’t want a machine that comes with too many advanced functions, and can simply provide you with your kind of cup of coffee at the single touch of the button, always go for a very personal coffee maker, say K15. On the other side, if you want something where you can control the strength of the coffee, K55 model would be a perfect choice. You can choose any model of the Keurig Plus Series and they will allow you to control the strength. 

Silent Models

Do you have small kids at home or maybe you hate a lot of noise coffee makers produce during the brewing process. Many models are available with this amazing intellect feature called as ‘Quiet Brew Technology’ that makes your coffee in complete silence and make sure the entire brewing process is done quietly. And remember there are only a few models that have this feature. 


Every Keurig model is different in its way, thus they come with different prices as well. You would never want to buy a model that comes with all the important features, still comes at a high price. So, one should not only consider the features and aspects of their coffee maker but also its affordability. 

Water Reservoir Capacity

There are many models available on the market that comes with a water reservoir capacity, thus they can brew a single cup of coffee, while other models have a larger capacity. So, if you wish to brew more than one cup at a time, go for the larger capacity model, without a second thought, because that model won’t ask you to refill it again and again, and will work as an efficient model. One the other hand, there are some models, which come with a removable water reservoir and can be refilled easily. 


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