Windows Live Movie Maker (stable version 2019)

Windows Live Movie Maker is software designed to help you make video edits easier. It is accessible and usable by everyone, especially beginners.


Windows Live Movie Maker software is much more family oriented. It therefore has fairly practical features such as: creating special effects, adding sound captures or transitions. You will have the possibility to add sound tracks, texts or timeline. If you need to cut passages or assemble certain sequences of your choice, this is also possible with this software. In short, it allows you to create your films, edit them and then share them from your computer. You can change the display using the different filters available: white, black, sepia, or others. You can also modify still images on the video, by applying a zoom, a pixelation, a rotation or many other visual effects.

How to use this software?

Yes, it is obvious that if you are not a connoisseur, it is almost impossible to make video montages. Firstly because software is often expensive, and secondly because it takes some experience to understand how it works. But with this software, everything changes. Already, the interface which is presented to you is rather pleasant to use. You just have to import your videos to modify before you start editing. To assemble the sequences, you will only have to do simple drag and drop. To cut the passages that bother you, simply make a selection with your mouse and delete them. Then use the other functions to perfect your work.

With Windows Live Movie Maker, you can have fun with your family creating many videos, and without difficulty. It’s simple and practical!