VLC Media player on PC (free)

At the sight of this cone, we remember this year when we passed the permit. But if you are interested in computers or you often watch movies on your pc, you will recognize this software. This is the famous VLC.

The presentation

VLC is a powerful player available on several platforms. It is open source and free. So you can get it without paying a round, on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and Mac. It was created by the VideoLAN project.


Used by many computer processors, this player gets its popularity from the number of formats it supports. First VLC reads disks, webcams, devices that use streams and files. Then it can play countless audio and video formats. We can cite among others: mp3, aac, WMA, Alaw, flv

, AVI, WMV, XviD, DivX, subtitles and many others. If streaming is what you want to do or just playing a video that is being downloaded, no problem, the multimedia Swiss Army knife is there. The software is also very comprehensive, open source. So there is a community of developers who are dedicated to improving it. You can thus change its appearance with the available themes. But also, rotate a video 360 ° or split it into several pieces on the screen. For PC users with multicore, the software now manages them for decoding Jpeg2000, VP3 / or H.264.Theora formats


The advantages of this application are:

  •  it’s free
  •  it is open source
  •  it is customizable
  •  it is easy to use
  •  it supports several video, audio and stream formats
  •  it manages the multi-core.