Top 5 Music Composing Applications

Music is everywhere; it just takes the right person to feel it. Well, being a musician is not just about playing instruments and singing, it is about connecting both of them to create a melody which pleases our soul. Well, being a musician of this era requires a bit more than the sense of music. Creating music also requires the help of technology. With high instruments and some help of software, you can create music which can please anyone. There are a lot of applications and software in the Market, so let us avoid all that hassles for you by giving a list of the top 5 music composing applications.

“The most exciting rhythms seem unexpected and complex, the most beautiful melodies simple and inevitable.” ― W.H. Auden


So well, without wasting any more time, let us dive into the world of the best music composing applications:


The application is not like any other mobile application. It is among the best applications for music composing. This app includes almost all the features you will want in your software to do for you. The best part about using this software is that it is free of cost, easy to use, and also readily available. You can download Garageband APK from Google play store or even from your browser. Well, the software makes it very easy to compose songs, form tracks that are melodious to ears, and also helps you create other types of music. The types which you think your listeners will love. Well, it indeed is free of cost and works as a professional music software. So, why not give it a shot and have a look yourself of its features. If you are looking to run garageband on your windows system you can check out this detailed guide.



The guitar is considered to be the heart of music. Every musician loves to play the guitar. As we all know, no musical instrument is easy to play. It requires a lot of practice, dedication and also, an exceptional understanding of the instrument. Guitar falls in the same category. One of the significant problems which musicians face while playing the guitar is tuning. For this problem, the solution is that they will need to buy a tuner separately for their guitar. That was the talk of the past but now, why buy a tuner separately when you can use your phone for the same. This app lets you do it and not just this, it also includes many games, exercises and tips for the even better composition of music. It also includes the functions for different types of guitars such as electric, bass, acoustic, etc.



Well, if you are a beginner in music composition, the first thing you should understand is that practising music is not cheap. Considering the current requirement of the world, it requires a lot of equipment and great ones at that alongside the best piece of musical instruments. But well, for a beginner, you might think a bit before investing a considerable amount in this field. So well, as an option, you can try this app to test all musical instruments. As the name suggests, it is kind of a touring band providing you with a wide range of musical instruments you can play and test before actually buying them.



This is another top music composing application. Using this, one will be able to create some quality content which will please the listeners. You can add tracks, background music, change the tracks, edit them and do a lot more. Although the app is free to use, there might be some in-app purchases included inside the app to unlock more features. But will free to use package too, the app is worth giving a shot. The application includes around 200+ music style packs including some popular music packs such as hip-hop, jazz, rock, dubstep, techno and even movie scores. So well, if you like it, why not give it a try.


  • DJ STUDIO 5:

The work of a DJ not only revolves around playing good tracks but also to make good tracks using mashups and even remixes. For this, they will need the help of a software. The software for such purpose can be pretty costly, and they also are a bit hard to use as compared to any other application you will find for the same task but this does not mean that you still will have to use them at any cost, you can use a mobile application instead. Well, one such mobile application which is suitable for your music composing is DJ Studio 5. This application is free of cost and easy to use. It will do all the work which costly computer software will be doing. It might include a little less feature than the heavy software. But well, it’s also worth giving a shot. 

People usually prefer computer software’s instead of a mobile application for music editing because of the additional features in software but well, there are many perks of using a mobile application as your music composer too. The first and foremost being that you do not always have to carry your laptop or PC with you, you can create music using your mobile phone. However, the mobile applications are limited to tasks they can do since any phone won’t have a lot of capacity to do quicker works  but well, they will do the task. So if you like them, why not give them a shot and find yourself which one of these is best among the best according to your requirement.