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The Garage at
2123 B 1st Avenue North    Billings Montana

Contact info:
Phone:  406  245 0918
YVB books music Saturdays and Tuesdays
for Tunes on Tap - Open Mic but considers
Other days and circumstances.

Local and touring original artists are often
booked two to three+ months ahead.
Sometimes a day/month is reserved but those
are mostly reserved for special local events.

The stage has a 17' x 18' light / sound stage
built to hold 3000# pallets (no stage bounce)
complete with 8-inch drum riser.  The sound
system, with 32 channel board, 2 x15 Jbl
speakers, 12-inch monitors, mics, stands, and
booms, is powered by sound professionals,
Randy Wyman and Chuck Bishop.
Presentation and sound quality are as important
to our performers and us as they are to our

In addition, YVB features multi-track digital
Recording capabilities.

Contact Info:
Phone:  406 245 0918

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Inquire About Tunes on Tap -
Open-Mic  Before
Submitting Form?  [Email]
Inquire About Open-Mic  Before
Submitting Form?  [Email]

If  you are feeling your Roots and want to listen, play and sip, join us for Acoustic Sunday Sessions hosted by David Cleaves and Yellowstone Howard.  It is a broad and flexible category of music that includes blues, country, reggae, bluegrass, and folk.

Opening at 5 pm, music starts at 6 pm followed by a featured artist that can turn into a full-on jam session!  Bring instruments.

Visit with David about joint us as a featured artist.

Singer, guitar-player, and sound chef Chuck Bishop manages Tunes on Tap - Open Mic. The mission is to provide opportunity for seasoned and new musicians to show their Chops, or get used to a commercial stage, lights, PA and soundman, or just have fun for a pint, and to give  Headliner time to local and touring artists.

Chuck schedules Tunes on Tap - Open Mic (and other shows) but walk-on musicians are welcome.

Contact info:

Phone:  406 245 0918

>>> Submit Booking Form:  Booking