Configure MSI afterburner for mining: overclock, quit, cool

Msi Afterburner aims to handle Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Its main functions are: control the frequency of GPU and memory, change the supply voltage, adjust the video card heatsink, get the sensor video card status data, and display it on the ‘screen.

In addition, the program was originally intended for gamers, and it allows you to record videos and take screenshots. This software is essential for miners, using which you can easily optimize video cards to prolong uptime and reduce wear and power consumption or decentralize them for maximum performance in a short time.

The program allows you to manage a group of video cards and save up to five different profiles using settings. The software is free. Check the official website.

In this review, we will show you how to properly configure and download the MSI Afterburner program for cryptocurrency mining.

We optimize the cooling system

The power limit scale is designed to set limits on power consumption. The default is 0 [100%]. If the video card overheats, try lowering the limit to, for example, -20, and increase the limit to, for example, +20 if stocks are low or the base frequency continues to jump. If the board is running at low voltage, increasing the power limit will not affect power consumption, but reducing may result in a loss of hash rate and a reduced number of shares.

Important By changing the power consumption limit, you can change the maximum allowed temperature of the GP. Of course, it cannot be higher than the threshold specified in BIOS, but it is quite a high value. And, for example, if your fan fails, the board will overheat. To do this, note the –tmax and –tstop parameters in the miner’s batch file. If the utility does not have such options, use the msi afterburner mobile app to track rig settings.

Now go to the MSI afterburner item to configure the cooler. Fan speed is set on the fan speed scale. By default, the driver automatically adjusts the speed. You can adjust the speed of the chiller in manual mode.

Click the Auto button at the end of the scale. Set the required speed. Save the settings.

You can set the automatic operating mode in the “Chiller” tab of the configuration menu.

Adjust the cooler speed curve versus GP temperature by moving the checkmark.

Keep in mind that straight lines can go up or up completely, but when the speed decreases with increasing temperature, you will not be able to set this mode.

Automatically start on PC startup

In order for the afterburner to start automatically from the operating system and immediately display the specified parameters, you must:

Once the setting is complete, activate StartUp in the lower left corner of the interface. Open the settings menu and check the option “Run with Windows”.

In the lower right corner is the profile slot. Press the “Save” button, all five locations flash, then select the cell with the desired number. Logically, select 1 immediately, then select 2, etc. Therefore, you can save 5 different configurations, which will be very convenient if you change your mining algorithm frequently.

MSI Advanced Settings

The advanced settings menu contains 5 tabs.

Main. Cool. Monitoring method Personal data interface

We have presented the first two points to you. The Monitoring tab is used to configure the scanning period for sensors and histograms. In the profile window, you can set shortcut keys to activate saved settings. The last tab will help you change the appearance of the program.


There are other equally effective and convenient graphics card overclocking apps available for mining, but afterburners appear first, so many people are used to them. The application has a beautiful and practical graphical shell, and the developers regularly release new versions. For miners who mine under Windows, the msi afterburner program is recommended. Good luck to everyone