How to install Windows 10X Emulator on Windows 10

Windows 10X is the latest version of Microsoft Windows. The device is specially developed for dual-screen devices such as Microsoft Surface Neo. And one day, this new version of Windows will likely be available for all devices. In Windows 10X, all applications work like in Windows 10 Home and Professional versions. It is not an entirely new operating system, but a Windows Core operating system. And it’s well optimized to offer a faster user experience.

Installing a major operating system update, according to Microsoft, takes less than 90 seconds. Besides, applications you install will not conflict with system files in Windows 10X. This will give you better protection against rootkit-like malware. To make the operating system more comfortable, Microsoft removed a lot of things like live tiles. Overall, you get faster updates, improved security, and longer battery life.

If you have mac OS, you can download Windows XP ISO and other windows ISO to install.

However, if you want to try and take a demo of Windows 10X now, you don’t have to wait much longer. read more

Download Windows Media Player for PC

Windows Media Player is a creation of Microsoft, aiming to further satisfy the great video enthusiasts. This software makes it easier for you to read your files (image, audio and video), all with better quality in every way.

New features of the latest version

Compared to earlier versions, the new version of Windows Media Player is much better. It has some additional features, and in addition, it is more efficient. Of course, the main function remains the same: play your various multimedia documents such as images, videos and audio tracks. But the presentation of the software and especially that of its interface have been improved. 

In the layout, functions such as encoding, synchronization, library and current reading are more easily accessible. The interface keys have been reduced in number, so that the main functions are highlighted. You can also synchronize your MP3 content in seconds with this software. If you connect your player with your computer, the Auto Sync function will allow you to synchronize all the selected content.  read more

Guide de sécurité PrestaShop – Tout ce que vous devez savoir

C’est quelque chose que j’ai mis en place et auquel j’ai pensé pendant un certain temps. À ce stade, je vous recommande de surveiller les fichiers sur votre serveur pour détecter les modifications de fichiers. Comme il y a tant de modules différents qui sont concernés et que personne ne sait lesquels pourraient être ajoutés à la liste ultérieurement, cela me semble être le meilleur choix actuellement.


Codeguard est un service qui effectuera des sauvegardes quotidiennes de votre site et les stockera sur leur serveur distant. Il vous indiquera également si des fichiers ont été modifiés depuis la dernière sauvegarde, ce qui est un excellent moyen de détecter si votre site a été piraté. L’une des principales raisons pour lesquelles nous les recommandons est qu’avec le temps, nous avons appris à ne pas faire confiance aux sauvegardes des sociétés d’hébergement web. La plupart du temps, elles n’existent pas vraiment ou bien elles font payer des frais énormes pour y accéder. Codeguard peut restaurer votre site automatiquement si des pirates informatiques le suppriment. Avec des plans à partir de 4 $ par mois, c’est la solution la plus abordable que nous recommandons et la plus complète. read more

Download Word Viewer (free PC version)

If you want to share Word documents and have the assurance that a large number of Internet users will be able to read them, you must download Word Viewer. As the name suggests, it allows you to view Word documents. But its particular advantage is that it allows you to have your Word documents read to anyone, even those who do not have Microsoft Word software.

All about Word Viewer

Word Viewer is by definition a document viewer in Word format. With this software, Microsoft Word users can send their files by email or on the web without fear. Indeed, all the people who received these files will be able to read them, even if their IT support is not equipped with Word software. You will therefore be able to publish documents in an enriched format, and reach a wider audience. Your “public” can then display your documents, and even print them if they wish. 

They will also have access to other features. These include zooming, to reduce or enlarge the size of the display. They can also display headers and footers, annotations, layout or footnotes. Plan mode will also be available to them. You should know, however, that you must have the Microsoft Compatibility Pack, to make it work simultaneously with your Word Viewer, in order to benefit from all its functionalities. Thus, your software will be able to take into account all your files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint format, in their current or previous version.  read more

VLC Media player on PC (free)

At the sight of this cone, we remember this year when we passed the permit. But if you are interested in computers or you often watch movies on your pc, you will recognize this software. This is the famous VLC.

The presentation

VLC is a powerful player available on several platforms. It is open source and free. So you can get it without paying a round, on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and Mac. It was created by the VideoLAN project.


Used by many computer processors, this player gets its popularity from the number of formats it supports. First VLC reads disks, webcams, devices that use streams and files. Then it can play countless audio and video formats. We can cite among others: mp3, aac, WMA, Alaw, flv

, AVI, WMV, XviD, DivX, subtitles and many others. If streaming is what you want to do or just playing a video that is being downloaded, no problem, the multimedia Swiss Army knife is there. The software is also very comprehensive, open source. So there is a community of developers who are dedicated to improving it. You can thus change its appearance with the available themes. But also, rotate a video 360 ° or split it into several pieces on the screen. For PC users with multicore, the software now manages them for decoding Jpeg2000, VP3 / or H.264.Theora formats read more

Windows Live Movie Maker (stable version 2019)

Windows Live Movie Maker is software designed to help you make video edits easier. It is accessible and usable by everyone, especially beginners.


Windows Live Movie Maker software is much more family oriented. It therefore has fairly practical features such as: creating special effects, adding sound captures or transitions. You will have the possibility to add sound tracks, texts or timeline. If you need to cut passages or assemble certain sequences of your choice, this is also possible with this software. In short, it allows you to create your films, edit them and then share them from your computer. You can change the display using the different filters available: white, black, sepia, or others. You can also modify still images on the video, by applying a zoom, a pixelation, a rotation or many other visual effects.

How to use this software?

Yes, it is obvious that if you are not a connoisseur, it is almost impossible to make video montages. Firstly because software is often expensive, and secondly because it takes some experience to understand how it works. But with this software, everything changes. Already, the interface which is presented to you is rather pleasant to use. You just have to import your videos to modify before you start editing. To assemble the sequences, you will only have to do simple drag and drop. To cut the passages that bother you, simply make a selection with your mouse and delete them. Then use the other functions to perfect your work. read more

Apex Legends for PC and Mac

Apex Legends particularly appeals to adventure and challenge enthusiasts in a unique Battle Royale shooter context.

Compatibility and system requirements:

The Apex Legends game is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Origin consoles and on PC. The configurations thus only concern the latter. They can be the minimum required, namely an operating system of 64 bits, ideally Windows 7, and i3 CPU 6 th generation or at least an AMD FX-4350 quad-core. These requests can sinuer i5 3 rdgeneration and equivalent, as much as the GPU like an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9-290 instead of a GT 640 or a Radeon HD 7730 of the minimum configuration. Immersion in the game will be effective with these material recommendations. It should be noted however that the disk space required to host the game remains at least 22 GB, as much as the RAM which should be 6 and ideally 8 GB. Furthermore, the GPU memory is 1 GB minimum, 8 GB available would only be better.

The Apex Legends game

Apex Legends is based on the basic principle of Battle Royale shooter games. The ultimate goal is obviously to survive as long as possible, but there is also making a name for yourself in this unique virtual world. Thus, the finality is not really the key word of the concept. It is rather oriented towards a life to perpetuate and to be full of glory and spoils of war. “Legends”, the flagship term of this game, is perfectly illustrated by this principle. However, there are different modes to choose from in the “Apex” arena, namely: read more