Apex Legends for PC and Mac

Apex Legends particularly appeals to adventure and challenge enthusiasts in a unique Battle Royale shooter context.

Compatibility and system requirements:

The Apex Legends game is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Origin consoles and on PC. The configurations thus only concern the latter. They can be the minimum required, namely an operating system of 64 bits, ideally Windows 7, and i3 CPU 6 th generation or at least an AMD FX-4350 quad-core.

These requests can sinuer i5 3 rdgeneration and equivalent, as much as the GPU like an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9-290 instead of a GT 640 or a Radeon HD 7730 of the minimum configuration. Immersion in the game will be effective with these material recommendations.

It should be noted however that the disk space required to host the game remains at least 22 GB, as much as the RAM which should be 6 and ideally 8 GB. Furthermore, the GPU memory is 1 GB minimum, 8 GB available would only be better.

The Apex Legends game

Apex Legends is based on the basic principle of Battle Royale shooter games. The ultimate goal is obviously to survive as long as possible, but there is also making a name for yourself in this unique virtual world. Thus, the finality is not really the key word of the concept.

It is rather oriented towards a life to perpetuate and to be full of glory and spoils of war. “Legends”, the flagship term of this game, is perfectly illustrated by this principle. However, there are different modes to choose from in the “Apex” arena, namely:

Regular Seasons  : These are modes available by default in the game. These offer challenges, various adventures, challenges and many more. They then offer new expansions to unlock, including Legends, weapons and even themed loot of all kinds. In other words, it’s the standard arcade mode of this game.

The Battle Royale  : This is the foundation of the game, namely the testing of 60 players in direct confrontation in the decor offered by the game Apex. Each of the participants will choose the Legend that best suits them and join a squad. However, a solo adventure can be undertaken and is reserved for the most assiduous players or those who wish to leave their mark on this very strategic game. The goal is always to triumph in this bitter struggle and to be its survivor.

Game overview

It will all start with the choice of the Legend to embody in the game. Indeed, the artillery available to all players should be the same, at least it will be necessary to protect these equipment and find them in the world of Apex . Thus, the difference between the players is based solely on the Legend and the abilities that it justifies.

In a squad, the best would be to have the maximum diversity in order to be ready with all the passes that will be useful for the team to triumph. With the latter established, it will be time to start the adventure in the Canyon of the Kings. You can get more gaming roms on https://downloadroms.cc/